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Sales Strategy Development, Sales Team Hiring & Commission Plan.

UK Cyber Consultancy


A top UK cyber security consultancy, known for its high-quality services to medium and large businesses, reached out to us. Their technical expertise was top-notch, but they saw room for growth in their sales department and engaged our specialised services.
Despite being a leader in technical services, the consultancy felt they weren’t maximizing their sales potential. The task was to refine their sales strategy to match their technical reputation.
We started with a thorough review of their position in the UK market, examining their strengths and how they stacked up against competitors. From this deep dive, we crafted a sales strategy suited to the UK cyber security market. A key part of our work was revamping their commission system. Working with their finance and HR teams, we set up a payment structure that would attract top sales talent while staying in line with the company’s financial goals. This new structure positioned them even better as an employer of choice for sales professionals. After setting the strategy and commission plan, we then focused on building a strong sales team. We looked for candidates with the right skills, but who also fit well with the company’s values and culture.
With these changes, the consultancy strengthened its hold in the UK cyber security sector. Recognising the value of our collaboration, they've kept us on as partners, entrusting us to guide and grow their sales team, ensuring they remain leaders in their field.

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