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Our expertise and commitment to excellence is widely recognized by our clients and the platforms on which we operate, please feel free to read some of the 5-Star testimonials written by clients who placed their trust in Swiftree.

Liam is an excellent all-round business development and growth expert. He has worked diligently and wholeheartedly with our start-up, helping us with our launch and growth roadmap. He is an integral part of our team and we look forward to our continued work together.
Mais Callan
Co-Founder, Impactive Tech
I am extremely pleased with Liam’s outstanding work as strategy consultant. His expertise in developing a comprehensive company strategy, completing a detailed SWOT analysis and KPIs was truly impressive. What sets him apart was his keen understanding of the intricate market dynamics and his ability to incorporate local governmental initiatives into our company strategy. Liam’s insightful approach and attention to detail have undoubtedly positioned our company for strategic success. I highly recommend Liam’s services to any business seeking strategic guidance.
Dr Hisham Dabbagh
CEO, ADL Academy
I wanted to launch my service in a new market and had to adapt my marketing and sales strategy accordingly. Liam immediately asked the right questions and developed an integrated marketing and sales strategy that was tailored to my needs and on time.
Pascal Saolino
CEO, DigitaLuxe
First class business development and strategy consultant and made a significant difference at our company
Zane Beard
Head of Growth, Marsh McLenann
Liam is fantastic to work with. He brings fresh ideas, improved processes and new life to any business environment he walks in to. If things are feeling stuck or stale with regards to sales, marketing and even strategy, he is an excellent person to call on. I worked with Liam years ago as a colleague yet still gain huge value from connecting with him as a sounding board and a fresh pair of eyes.
Jason Hawes
Sales Director, Culture Amp
Liam has been such a find and has helped transform nearly all areas of our business in as little as three months. Would highly recommend him for any company wanting sales/strategic consulting. He’s efficient and enagaged and showed a great understanding of our company and brand. Our sales have significantly increased, and he has been instrumental in our team restructuring and helped guide the interview process.
Kris Rylander
CEO, Noatune
Liam has been a game-changer for me and will be for so many folks out there. This guy knows his stuff – no joke. Whether it’s inbound, account management, or outbound processes, Liam’s got it down. First off, he’s super helpful. He’s the kind of guy who won’t just throw information at you; he’ll walk you through it, making sure you get it. And when it comes to understanding small businesses, Liam’s insight is next-level. He really gets the challenges and opportunities unique to small businesses, offering tailored advice that hits the mark every time. But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re in the C-suite and aiming to take your company to new heights, you’ll want Liam in your corner. He’s got a knack for providing the kind of insight that makes executives not only understand their options but feel confident about the decisions they’re making. In short, if you’re looking for a sales consultant who’s not just going through the motions but is genuinely invested in your success, Liam’s your guy. He brings knowledge, understanding, and insight to the table, making him an invaluable asset to small businesses and big companies alike.
Tyler Eastridge
I started working on a 1 to 1 basis with Liam a few months ago now after a recommendation & it’s really been game changing for me & my small business!

 I currently run my embroidered clothing brand alone & find it hard to delegate responsibility & ask for help at times, but all I can say is I wish I had met Liam years ago as I finally feel like I have some control over the marketing side of my business (something I have struggles to get to grips with on my own since I began!) I even feel excited for our monthly calls as I know I’m going to leave them feeling like I have a clear sense of direction for the month regarding my monthly goals, sales targets & ideas to put in place to grow & improve my business. Liam is super knowledgeable about his field, comes up with ideas I’ve never thought of and most of all his friendly & calm approach to work has made me feel so much more at ease & confident with this side of my business. I finally feel like I have clear goals to reach each month, an achievable plan to reach them and someone I can reach out to at any time if I need a little push in the right direction! It can be scary to branch out and work with new people when you run your own brand as every move makes a difference to income & time etc however I cannot recommend Samuel Joseph Consulting enough if you’re looking for someone to help you get to grips with ANYTHING marketing related to your business. He has helped me so many different aspects already such as setting monthly goals, tracking my overall progress, setting sales targets, improving the customer journey online & on socials, content ideas, helped me look for freelancers & more.
Emily Fluen
CEO, Limpet Store
Amazing experience working with Liam. He helped to restructure our business and really target our demographic. Very practical and bespoke. Not “plug & play” approach, rather looks exactly at what I am trying to achieve and shapes the strategy around that. Highly recommended!
Robert Woolfson
CEO, Precision Management Consulting
I recently had the opportunity to work with Liam Sanders on a pivotal sales project for our company, and I must express, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. Liam brought a level of professionalism and knowledge to the project that was truly remarkable. Communication: Liam was exceptional in maintaining clear and consistent communication throughout the project. He has a unique ability to articulate complex sales strategies in an understandable manner, making collaboration smooth and effective. Expertise: Liam’s depth of knowledge in sales and marketing strategies is impressive. He provided insightful, data-driven recommendations that significantly enhanced our project’s effectiveness. Adaptability: One of Liam’s standout qualities is his adaptability. He quickly adjusted strategies in response to management change request, ensuring our project remained on track and successful. Experience: Working with Liam Sanders was an absolute pleasure. He is not only a skilled sales consultant but also a great team player who adds value beyond just numbers. I highly recommend Liam to any organization looking for top-tier sales expertise. He is a true asset and we look forward to working with him indefinitely
Derek Brenerol
CEO, Green LED Lighting Solutions, LLC

Hi, my name is Liam sanders and i am the managing director of swiftree.

I am an experienced Business Consultant with over 10 years of global experience in B2B sales and strategy development. I work with clients globally to enhance their sales performance and drive significant business growth.

Liam Sanders, Founder of Swiftree Growth and Sales Consultant

our commitment.

Explore our case studies and client feedback to understand the impact of our work. We are committed to transparency and excellence, and we invite you to consider Swiftree as your trusted partner for business growth.

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